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NL2000 version 4.02

The NL2000 team has recently spent much time and energy in the improvement and expansion of existing airports and 3D objects and trees. Although we are still working on Amsterdam airport, we release version 4.02 as a Christmas gift. The current installer (4.0.20) can also be used to install this new version. Existing files are automatically overwritten.

The updates can be downloaded from flightsim.com, avsim.com and through torrents. See our download page for all options.

  • Updates of airports (and sometimes surrounding areas) EHAL, EHBK, EHDL (new), EHDP, EHDR, EHEH, EHGG, EHGR, EHKD, EHLE, EHLW, EHRD, ENSB, EHSB80, EHTE, EHTL (new), EHTW , EHTW (active), EHVB, EHVB (closed) EHVK, EHWO improvement and helipad of hospital Groningen (EHUG).
  • Enhanced 3D scenery, including more buildings in Groningen, Abcoude, Haarlem and Emmen. Traffic follows now bridges and tunnels. Several generic objects have been added and improved.
  • More extended coverage of autogen trees to the Flevopolder and around the various airports. The density of the trees has been improved (now 1,246,027 trees are present in the scenery).
  • Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2012!



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