Aviosim and NL-2000 will continue as one organisation: Stichting Aviosim Nederland

Background NL-2000

The NL-2000 team exists since 1998. A group of enthusiastic builders worked towards a realistic Dutch scenery for the flight simulator community. The builders united in a co-operation to be able to protect their legacy and to be able to get into specific agreements with professional users of their software in 2009.

Behind the scenes, the NL-2000 team is still busy developing the scenery. The NL-2000 team will celebrate its 25 years jubilee, which is a landmark that cannot be ignored in 2023.

Background Aviosim

Aviosim is founded as a foundation in 2011. For a long time, the Aviosim team operated the NLR simulator in Aviodrome. The team moved to the “Nederlands Transport Museum” near Schiphol Airport in 2018. The Aviosim team is working on making the newer GRACE simulator available to the public. 

Overlapping interests

Both organisations worked together from their very beginning. Part of the Board of NL-2000 was also part of the Board of Aviosim. For NL-2000 it became more and more expensive to keep the co-operation alive. The main purpose of the donations that NL-2000 received, was to fund different projects. The fixed costs, for example from the bank and the insurance companies, kept increasing and less of the donations were used for their main purpose. 

In early 2022 the Board of NL-2000 asked the members of the co-operation to seize the co-operation from existing and to transfer the funds and intellectual property rights to Aviosim Nederland. 

Full merger of the organisations per June 1st, 2022 

Users of the NL-2000 scenery will not really notice the merger. The team will continue building as nothing has changed. The name NL-2000 will be kept. The website www.nl-2000.com will remain online and the team will use this website to post news about future updates and releases as well as for support purposes. Users will still be able to donate to the team using the donations form on the website (https://www.nl-2000.com/2010/05/donate-to-the-nl2000-team/). Only the beneficial account holder will be slightly changed:

Aviosim will manage the funds to make sure donations to NL-2000 will still be used for NL-2000 projects. Donations will be used to purchase server capacity for the website and to facilitate downloading. It will also be used to maintain and extend the NAS with SSD data storage which is being used by the team to work on future releases. To make sure that funds will merge with Aviosim funds, a separate IBAN is available to keep track of the NL-2000 funds. 

Technical support will be available through the forum

It will still be possible to contact NL-2000. We redirect all users to the NL-2000 forum. Most questions have been answered already. If not, you can post your question to receive support from the community. Developers will also be active on the forum to answer any questions that cannot be solved by the community. 

Both organisations are available for questions

You can reach out to both organisations for questions. The easiest way to reach out is to use the contact form on www.aviosim.org. We are available to answer your questions

NL-2000 Stichting Aviosim Nederland

Guido van Wijngaarden, chairman Ron van Houten, chairman

Ton Bionda, secretary Ritchie Eestermans, secretary

Damiën van der Aart, treasurer Damiën van der Aart, treasurer

Guido van Wijngaarden, member of the board




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