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The NL2000 scenery is made by a team of volunteers and is made available as freeware to the users. But that does not mean no cost are involved while making and distributing the scenery. Examples of these costs are the registration at the Chamber of Commerce, the fees for the internet domain or the purchasing of data for the scenery.

Therefore we give our users the option to donate to the NL2000 team and help us cover those cost. It is completely voluntary to do so and of course the scenery will remain available as freeware.

The treasurer and the board of NL2000 association monitor the donations and ensure that they are only used for the benefit of the NL2000 scenery. Please be aware that donations can not be undone once they have been made.

You can make a donation using the form below:

Donate € -


Thanks in advance if you want to support us!

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