Release version 5.05

The NL2000 team is releasing some new packages for P3Dv5.

The airport Teuge EHTE is completely rebuild. Schiphol EHAM has the S taxiway connected with with 24 and an altitude correction. The airstrip Ameland EHAL has got a solar park. The airport Beek EHBK has some improvements and altitude corrections and an little heliport EHHS has been added. There also is a new package of the 3D objects and library , EHGG, EHHO and “Moving Objects” with little adjustments. For the installation of the new packages the newest installer 4/0/110 is needed.

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  1. A J Meijer A J Meijer says:

    Allereerst bedankt voor de update! Helaas geeft mijn virusscanner de volgende melding:
    Gemeld door Ziggo Safe Online:
    Toegang tot uw bestanden door toepassing is geblokkeerd:
    Pad G\NL2000\NL2000v4_installer
    Bestand: NL2000v4_0.exe
    Oorzaak: Trojan:W32/CryptoRansomewareBehavior.B!DeepGuard

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