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Check MD5 Hash code

Sometimes something can go wrong when downloading a zip file which can get corrupted. It is also good to know if the zip file is the original file from NL2000. Therefore it is wise to check this zip file after downloading.

To check the zip files it is possible to let your computer calculate a code: a MD5 hash code. If your file is not correctly downloaded, the hash code will not be the same.

To calculate the hash code you need a program like WinMD5Sum:

  • Install WinMD5Sum
  • Start WinMD5Sum
  • Click the “..” button. select a zip file and click open. The application starts to compute the hash code which can take more than a minute with a photo scenery package.
  • After computing the MD5 hash code will be shown in the MD5 Sum field.
  • You can find the correct MD5 Hash codes at the download options page.
  • Copy the correct code of the corresponding zip file to the empy text field and press ‘compare’.
  • If the hash codes are the same, the zip file is correct.


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