NL2000 version 3.0 special edition download instructions

Minimal system requirements

Before downloading NL2000 version 3.0 special edition make sure your system meets the minimal system requirements!. The installer requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, you can download this on NL2000 Version 3.0 requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and is not compatible with Microsoft FSX.

Update for NL2000 version 3.0 special edition

Version 3.0 se for FS2004 has a little mistake . It is possible that the NorthWest part of Germay will change into water. We made an update for version 3.0 se to correct that error. You can download it here


Handleiding NL2000v3.0se5.92 MB23/11/2009 18:30:19
Manual NL2000 (English)v3.0se5.99 MB23/11/2009 18:30:19

DVD ISO images

NL2000 v3.0se DVD 1Download4.35 GB24/07/2017 20:51:28
NL2000 v3.0se DVD 2Download4.29 GB24/07/2017 20:53:22
NL2000 v3.0se DVD 3Download4.24 GB24/07/2017 20:54:33
NL2000 v3.0se DVD 4Download4.29 GB24/07/2017 20:55:54
NL2000 v3.0se DVD 5Download4.28 GB24/07/2017 20:57:02
NL2000 v3.0se DVD 6Download602.41 MB24/07/2017 20:57:32

When all files are finished downloading you can start the installer by double clicking NL2000V3se.exe in the directory “DVD1. For more information please read the manual on DVD 1!

If there are any problems, please report it on our forum.





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