Release NL2000 5.03

In these hard times the NL2000 team is bringing you some new and adjusted scenery.

With our project “Moving Objects” we added an extra dimension to the realism of our scenery. Like: moving trains, sailing ships and moving animals in Safaripark “De Beeksebergen”.

EHGG is an entirely new version with a new Cirrus hangar and passenger walkways. EHLE is updated with the extended runway, new ground textures, extended tower and a new apron. Also, the main building on the north side of the field is added. EHAM has an adjusted altitude and, there is a new heliport in the Pistoolhaven and an improved version of the province of Groningen.

There are new packages for: Moving Objects, EHGG, EHAM, EHLE, the NL2000 library, Groningen en NL2000 3D. The new installer v4.0.104 is required. The new installer is also compatible with Prepar3D V5. We have however not thoroughly tested the functionality of NL-2000 with V5.

The new packages are available on our download page.

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7 Responses

  1. Hero Plustwo Hero Plustwo says:

    Hello NL-2000 team,

    For quite a while, I’ve tried to use your Schiphol scenery with Prepar3D v4 and Orbx Global/Vector but always ran into an elevation issue that made practically impossible to use the airport.

    Now I’ve downloaded v5.03 and it works beautifully! Eelde looked great as well. I’m still trying out the other v5.03 modules, but I’m confident they are great as always.

    Before continuing, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and the high quality you’re achieving!

    Stay safe in these difficult times!
    Best regards,

  2. Alex48 Alex48 says:

    Dank jullie wel!

  3. uiver uiver says:

    hallo vraagje moving opjeckts kan dat ook in fsx? of komt dat nog er zijn meer mensen met fsx om dat p3d veel slechter is.

    • olafie olafie says:

      NL2000 v5 (behalve de provincies) is P3D v4 + only jammer genoeg…
      Vind ik ook jammer. Ik ben ook nog een FSX gebruiker.

  4. Vik Vik says:

    Het zou geweldig zijn als er nog wat ziekenhuiszen met helipads bijkwamen! Zoals bijvoorbeeld het Radboud in Nijmegen, Het UMCU in Utrecht en het Rivierenland ziekenhuis in Tiel.

  5. avdheide avdheide says:

    Hello NL2000 team.
    I am currently flying over the Netherlands in MSFS and I find out that none or the Military airports are made or mentioned in the sim.
    Do you have the intention to port your P3D airports over to MSFS when you have access to the SDK.
    I think that a NL2000 MSFS would be a great Add on for MSFS

  6. John Moonen John Moonen says:

    Hallo nl2000 team, hebben jullie iets tegen x-plane? Is toch een van de betere simulators.
    Zie dat jullie wel wachten op msfs . John Moonen

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