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NL2000 V3.0 special edition, new aerial photographs (only for FS2004)

One of the new features in NL2000 V4.0 will be a terrain scenery based on aerial photographs from 2005. Not only are these photos more recent but have more lively colours and better contrast.

Because a lot of users still fly FS2004, we decided to release these new photos for NL2000V3.0 as well.

With this new set of photos NL2000 V3.0 gets a proper facelift. The coast line, beaches and rivers are all more accurate as well. We did not change anything to the airports or 3D objects, we are reserving that for V4.0.

Note: after installing NL2000 V3.0 special edition the following two updates are also necessary:

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NL2000 V3.0 Special Edition, as this version will be known, can be downloaded using the bittorrent network. You can find the torrent file from our web site.

Please Note: This version, just like it’s predecessor V3.0, is only designed to work with FS2004. The same photos will be in V4.0 as well, at that time everyone will be able to enjoy them in FSX. Water effects are much nicer in V4.0 because we can use FSX techniques. We really can’t give you a release date for V4.0, we’re still working hard on that.

Have a lot of fun with V3.0 Special Edition, and let us know what you think.

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