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Fokker memorial flight over Haarlem

Haarlem is celebrating Anthony Fokker’s first flight around the church (St. Bavo) with his “Spin” (Spider) from 26 August until 4 September. One of the many activities planned in Haarlem is the Flightsimulator (FSX) demonstration performed by the HCC (dutch Hobby Computer Club).

The NL2000 team members Rien Cornelissen and Jan Dekker built the Fokker “Spin” and St Bavo church for FSX specially for this occasion.

Click here for screenshots and more information.

Rien performes together with members of the HCC on Sunday 28 and Monday August 29 from 11:00am until 5:00pm in the Town Hall at the Grote Markt a (FSX) a demonstration Simulation Flight with his new build Spin.

The St.Bavo church, the Spin, and all other aircraft Rien built, can be downloaded as freeware at http://www.sundancer.demon.nl

For the complete program visithttp://www.fokkerspincentennial.nl and http://www.hccflightsimulator.nl



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