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NL2000 version 3.0 available via http download!

NL2000 version 3.0 can now be downloaded simple and fast by clicking on the 5 links below.

These downloads are hosted by Eweka Internet Services. One of the largest newsgroup service providers in the Netherlands. We want to thank Eweka by providing free bandwith!

The links below point to 5 .iso files. An ISO image should be burned to a DVD by using a special option in your burning software. Please refer to the manual of your burning software on how to write these ISO images to a DVD.

The DVD download links:

Because of filesize limits, you cannot download these files with Internet Explorer and you should use a browser which supports larger files like Mozilla Firefox. Click the next button to download and install Firefox:
Firefox 2

Click on the links with the right mouse button and click ‘save as’. Save the files on a harddrive with enough free disk space.

To test if your downloaded files are correct, please see this forum post on how to check the files.



Site admin of NL-2000.com

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