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Blue Wings Virtual Airline

Post by Fsairliners » Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:47 pm


Blue Wings Virtual is a relative new Virtual Airline that simulates the life of the pilots in an
airline and is managed by a staff that are pioneers in flight simulation.

Blue Wings is an international orientated VA, therefore the main language is English.
In Blue Wings we have pilots from over the world. As we are a starting VA we only have Amsterdam
Schiphol as a hub but it is planned to get more hubs in each continent.

We want to lift up Blue Wings to a higher level in the world of virtual airlines therefore we
make usage of a very up to date pilot system, A complete automated timetable, A very easy to use
logging system, and an very easy to use acars system for the pilots that want to fly offline.

We offer our pilots a good Flight Preperation (A Good fleet, Timetable, Fuelplanning, Route planning, Weather brefing, Fspassenger sound packs, and a lot more!)

To join Blue Wings it is not needed to make an entry exam, just fill in the form and you are a

The staff of Blue Wings is very dedicated and is very willing to help each other pilot that needs
help with the flight simulator or aircraft.

Blue Wings, The new way of flying for a virtual airline!!

I hope i would see you guys at Blue Wings virtual airline

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Post by winni8 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:38 am

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