Christmas surprise from the NL2000 team

The NL2000 team surprised its users at Christmas with the first packages of the announced version 5. The photo scenery of the Netherlands is now available per province in 2 resolutions 1m/pixel and 50 cm/pixel. Both based on aerial photographs from 2017. This new surface is usable for FSX, P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 or higher. We recommend that you only use the 50 cm/pixel surface on fast computers with a fast graphics card. For the less fast systems, the 1m/pixel surface is better suited, this has a lesser resolution but is equal to the 50cm/pixel variant.

The new 3D package v5 is only usable for P3Dv4 or higher.
This package includes the windmill park Gemini with the helicopter service platform and the helicopter platform under construction at the Eemshaven. An AI package is now available for P3Dv4 so that the Dutch fields also have AI traffic in P3Dv4 as well.

Users of FSX and P3Dv3 should continue to use the old library v4.

Not all NL2000 airports are fully compatible with the NL2000 v5 surface. In the coming months, we will release new packages to better blend the airports better in the photo scenery.

If you are a member of a flying club or you have connections with users of NL2000 in a different way, try to distribute the packages internally as much as possible.

To install everything is the latest installer version
4.0.88 required. Also, the manual has been rewritten for version 5. All downloadable here.

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5 Responses

  1. Mathieu Fannee Mathieu Fannee says:

    Beste mensen van NL2000,

    Net provincie Z-H geĂŻnstalleerd en gevlogen over mijn dorp (Warmond). Echt super mooi! Complimenten.

  2. Georgios Kaliakas Georgios Kaliakas says:

    hi the page is not exist i whandit download bud not find 🙁

  3. Hi!
    I use an old Version of NL2000. But now with WIN10 i had to download and install all new.
    Go on with your very good work.

  4. Robert Folmer Robert Folmer says:

    Great Work as always. What are the changes of getting the downloads available as a single download….

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