FSweekend 2018

The NL-2000 Team will be present at the FSweekend 2018 on 3 and 4 November 2018 in Aviodrome on Lelystad Airport!

As of 1998 flight simulators and simulator-cockpit constructors join to show each other but also and for mostly the visitors everything that is possible with flight simulation programs. Dozens of participants will immerse you into the fascinating world of flying from behind your computer.

Representatives of  clubs will show how in an accessible way and with limited means flight simulation can be made possible. On the other side of the spectrum dedicated civilian and military specialists with utterly Real Life cockpits will get you wrapped up into the world of flying during the FSWeekend.

What kind of aircraft is being used? Not only the legendary fighter jets from the games but just as much commercial jets, from all eras. From the classis Douglas Dakota to the ultra modern Boeing 737. Want to find out how an airport is organized and how aircraft get sorted over the runways without disaster? It’s all there during the FSWeekend.

Cockpits are set up to allow visitors to ‘fly’ on their own while expert supervisors create a fantastic experience. Furthermore one can visit the countless sales points of drones, models and hard- and software.

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