NL2000 version 4.10 released

The NL2000 team has made several adjustments and improvements in the NL2000 scenery. We thought that the 2017 event of the FSweekend in Aviodrome was a good opportunity for releasing those new packages under version 4.10.

The major adjustments are:
The good old SS Rotterdam in the harbour of Rotterdam and new buildings in the South of Amsterdam. The heliport HeliHolland has been improved, as well as the missing hangars on EHRD are visible again. EHHO had a change of runway numbers and we placed several new objects on EHGG. And Teuge EHTE is now visible in P3D. The airports EHEH and EHBK have now the missing PAPI’s .  The Kooy (EHKD) has now improved new runway lights.

Unfortunately the NL2000 AI traffic is not suitable in Prepar3D v4.

In order to install these new 4.10 packages a new installer 4.0.80 is needed. Allthough we mentioned that in our manual: the installer must be installed as ADMINISTRATOR and the nl2 packages must be installed by the installer as ADMINISTRATOR too (right mouseclick). 

We wish you happy flying above the Netherlands!

See  our download page for the updated packages.


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