NL2000 with FlyTampa Amsterdam

It was found that the default.xml (the autogen) in both FSX and P3D will be adjusted during the installation of FlyTampa Amsterdam and that in itself is no problem, but is then stored in a different encoding. Our installer was unable to update the default.xml by reinstalling the NL2000 library. You see an error message. Why they did this is a mystery, but we have adapted our installer to be able to deal with this phenomenon. This is available as an installer version 4.0.77 and can be found on our download page.

Also the NL2000 3D items and heliports should be above FlyTampa in the library otherwise NL2000 buildings and heliport Amsterdam road are not visible.

Release date
NL2000 Version Thumbnail Download size Download
Download HTTP mirror Download
4.0.77 nl2k_v4_installer thumbnail 2.1MB Â
Installer needed to install packages

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