The NL2000 team releases version 4.06!

The NL2000 team is proud to announce the release of several adjustments and improvements of our freeware scenery.

  • Groningen Airport Eelde (EHGG) has now the extended runway 05/23 and changes of the apron, which is increased among other things. Also the province Groningen has some improvements.
  • In the package of Eindhoven (EHEH) the static C-130’s are placed in a separate bgl file. Users can choose to remove the file.
  • In the package of Leeuwarden (EHLW) new taxi-signs are added and a helipad is moved to another place.
  • Glider sites as Veendam, Den Helder and Langeveld have been added.
  • There is an updated package of Stadkanaal EHST.

Because of these improvements, we also made new packages of our NL2000-library and NL2000-3D objects. We have updated our installer to version 4.0.57 and renewed our manual to version 4.06.

Our version of Schiphol EHAM is almost ready, but we are still working on the test results. We didn’t want to wait longer with releasing the present packages to our users.

Click here for a list of all updated packages.

The following packages are updates:

Release date
NL2000 Version Thumbnail Download size Download
Download HTTP mirror Download
4.06 nl2k_v4_manual thumbnail 1.7MB Â
Dutch manual
4.06 nl2k_v4_manual thumbnail 1.7MB Â
English manual
4.0.57 nl2k_v4_installer thumbnail 2.1MB Â
Installer needed to install packages
4.06 nl2k_v4_libraries thumbnail 353.9MB Â
Mandatory objects used by most airports of NL2000, including Effects and AI Airplanes.
4.06 nl2k_v4_resample_GR thumbnail 2.99GB Â
Photo scenery Groningen
4.06 nl2k_v4_3D thumbnail 107.9MB Â
3D objects like buildings, windmills, ships and bridges
4.06 nl2k_v4_eheh thumbnail 62MB Â
Eindhoven Airport
4.06 nl2k_v4_ehgg thumbnail 101.7MB Â
Groningen Airport Eelde
4.06 nl2k_v4_ehlw thumbnail 66.6MB Â
Leeuwarden Air Base
4.06 nl2k_v4_ehst thumbnail 14.9MB Â
Stadskanaal Airport
4.06 nl2k_v4_glider thumbnail 1.3MB Â
Various glider sites.

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