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Screenshots and video AFB Leeuwarden (EHLW)

AFB Leeuwarden has been completely revamped in version 4. We weren’t allowed to release a photo realistic surface tiles during version 3. With version 4 we are allowed to release them to the flying community, and that’s one of the reasons why we needed to reposition all buildings.

Click here for more information, screenshots and a video!

Some of the buildings have been completely recreated in with a higher level of detail. Furthermore, you’ll be treated to all sorts of extra’s, like military vehicles and fuel trucks. The runway lighting has been improved. Apart from the base itself, we put work into the surroundings. Farm houses and barns as well as live stock can be seen. Even the spotting location at the side of the town Marssum, (rwy 06 side) has been added. The combination of photo realistic scenery and revamped buildings will make for a realistic landing at EHLW. But it will really come to life when we activate AI Royal Dutch Air Force F16’s .

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