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NL2000 with FlyTampa Amsterdam January 21 2017

It was found that the default.xml (the autogen) in both FSX and P3D will be adjusted during the installation of FlyTampa Amsterdam and that in itself is no problem, but is then stored in a different encoding. Our installer was unable to update the default.xml by reinstalling the NL2000 library. You see an error message. Why they did this is a mystery, but we have adapted our installer to be able to deal with this phenomenon. This is available as an installer version 4.0.77 and can be found on our download page.

Also the NL2000 3D items and heliports should be above FlyTampa in the library otherwise NL2000 buildings and heliport Amsterdam road are not visible.

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The NL2000 team releases version 4.09! December 20 2016

In the release of december 2016 are several items improved:

  • All the provinces has autogen buildings now, so the landscape comes more alive.
  • EHRD: new taxisigns for the changes in the taxiway indications and runway exits.
  • EHEH: new taxisigns for the changes in the taxiway indications and runway exits.
  • EHKD: remake of the platform and taxiways.
  • EHST: complete remake.
  • EHOW: new taxiway and some adjustments.
  • EHGR: changed complexity settings of objects to improve performance when complexity settings are set lower.
  • In Amsterdam South there are more buildings, so there are also new packages for the NL2000-3D and NL2000-Libraries.

In order to install these new packages the new installer version 4.0.76 is needed, but this new installer also works with older packages.

There is also a new manual 4.09.

Click here for a complete list of updated packages.


Upcoming release 4.09 November 06 2016

The NL2000 team has given the visitors of the FS Weekend in Lelystad an impression of the coming version 4.09 of the NL2000 scenery.

Besides several updates of objects and airports, the mayor change in version 4.09 is the autogen houses all over Holland. For FSX as well as for Prepar3d. The beta testers are testing this version now and after the approval the version 4.09 will be released.


The NL2000 team releases version 4.08! June 05 2016

The NL2000 team is constantly working on improvement of our scenery. Today the team is releasing version 4.08 for a number of scenery items.

Besides that, we also made those items suitable for the Prepar3D flightsimulator. Not evereything is ready, we are still working on EHAM, EHOW and EHST.

We also adjusted the NL2000 library, separate packages for AI traffic in FSX and P3D. To install correctly, you need the new installer version 4.0.74. A new manual is available. Allthough the 4.08 items are tested, the team invites users to report possible bugs via the forum.

Click here for a complete list of updated packages.

NL2000 Releases: The NL2000 team releases version 4.07! November 08 2015

Version 4.07 contains the following improvements:


  • Update Middenmeer
  • Update Deelen (EHDL)
  • Update Eindhoven Airport (EHEH)
  • Update Groningen Airport Eelde (EHGG)
  • Update Leeuwarden Airport (EHLW)
  • Update Airport Midden Zeeland (EHMZ)
  • Update Teuge Airport (EHTE)
  • New airport Venlo Trafficport (EHVO)
  • New glider field Castricum
  • Update and new heliports like Heliport Erasmus MC Rotterdam

3D objecten:

  • Update Amsterdam
  • Update Rotterdam
  • Update Alkmaar
  • Afsluitdijk Memorial

Click here for a complete list of updated packages.

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